Benefits for men who take up hormone replacement therapy

Benefits for men who take up hormone replacement therapy

Believe this if you are brave or humble enough to acknowledge this realistic and scientific fact.

Your body will inevitably age. And as it weathers away, certain deficiencies or deteriorations could occur, no matter how healthy you are for your advanced age. This could have something to do with genetics, but there are more salient reasons which should be noted. Before closing this article off on a high note by briefly outlining the benefits of today’s hormone replacement therapy for men, let us briefly look at some of the reasons that it may been needed.

As the body ages, the amount of testosterone reduces quite drastically. Low testosterone levels lead to an increase in abdominal fat which, in turn, can also lead to the conversion of remaining testosterone into estrogen, further reducing the testosterone levels and debilitating the body’s ability to correctly store fat in the abdominal area. And so to the positive benefits that were promised earlier. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men can help curb the onset of heart disease and diabetes.

We seemed to focus on excessive fat earlier too, so let us stay with the fat. Or should we say, let us lose the fat for once and for all. This is what HRT can do. It can also maintain the body’s bone strength. It is able to maintain reproductive tissues and stimulate the production of sperm. All round sexual functioning and prowess is maintained. Men are getting married later in life, so these last two features are important. For working in the garden and lifting young and raucous kids, overall body strength is increased.

High stress and anxiety levels and even depression are curtailed too through hormone replacement therapy.

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