Congestive Heart Failure Information

Congestive Heart Failure Information

More than six million people in the US suffer from congestive heart failure every year. In fact, it is the top cause of hospitalization for individuals over the age of 65. Many South Florida residents are enjoying life to the fullest, but unbeknownst to them, are suffering in silence. It is important to see heart rhythm specialists of South Florida if you suspect their might be a problem. Many signs indicate a potential problem such as congestive heart failure. Pay attention to those signs, and do not wait until it is too late to make an appointment and see a doctor.

Congestive heart failure is not a case of the heart stopping. It means that the pumping power of the heart is weaker than it usually is. When heart failure occurs, blood moves through the heart and the body at a slower rate, causing increased pressure in the heart. When the pressure in the heart increases, enough oxygen isn’t produced, so the heart doesn’t get the necessary nutrients. The heart chambers by stop responding, and may become stiff or thick to help move flow. This eventually leads to problems and the heart wont pump efficiently.

The heart is, of course, at risk when congestive heart failure occurs. The condition increases the risk of a heart attack and future attacks. But, congestive heart failure also causes concern to other areas of the body as well, including the kidneys, lungs, arms and legs, the feet and ankles, and other areas of the body.

Many factors may cause congestive heart failure, including heart attack, coronary artery disease,  drug abuse, kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, and many others. It is important that you talk to your doctor and make the appointment sooner instead of later if you suspect congestive heart failure.

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